About the Journey

This blog exists to chronicle the process of getting myself from the United States of America to Japan for a study abroad and what life in Japan is like/what I get up to.


When I was in fifth grade and about eleven years old–at the start of the awkward stage, that would haunt me until my freshman year of high school–I wandered into Barnes and Nobles one day and walked past the manga section. On one of the shelves sat–what I mistook for–a Japanese comic: a manga. I picked it up, flipped through it, saw the pretty pictures and insisted my mother buy it for me.

This isn't the one I bought in 5th grade. That one was destroyed when I lent it to a friend. This is the one I bought in 6th grade.

This isn’t the one I bought in 5th grade. That one was destroyed when I lent it to a friend. This is the one I bought in 6th grade.

Thus started a love affair that would result in hundreds of mangas bought, several animes watched, trips to several anime conventions, and, ultimately, a love for Japan that has lasted me even after my obsession with mangas and animes faded to a dull background hum. Since that time, I have wanted to go to Japan.

This past summer, at the age of twenty, I decided this was it–This was my time to go and there was nothing that would get in my way. Let me explain though, for a moment, why now is a good time for this adventure:

1. I am a Junior in college and my college years are rapidly coming to an end. Once they do, I’m scared my chances of flying across the ocean and ending up in Japan will reduce  by like… 85%. Mainly due to money and the fact that once I’m out of college, I need to work. Full time.

2. My university has not-too-expensive program to Japan.

3. I’m an English (world literature) and History (focusing on Eastern Asian) major. I would love to be able to learn about these things in one of the countries that produced them.

I have to much fun at the Japanese Museum by my house...

I have too much fun at the Japanese Museum by my house…

4. I would like to learn Japanese before I get too much older. Partially because, as a teacher (which is what I’d like to do with my life), I am more valuable in this not-teacher-friendly-economy if I can teach more than one subject. I’ve got two already–English and History (which also covers Social Studies) but a language is a great addition. Also, when you plan to get a masters in Eastern Asian history, it is best if you speak the language of one of those countries. Lastly (and perhaps of least consequence) I’d like to be able to watch J-dramas without subtitles. I always think that I’m missing something in translation.

Status of the Journey: I am in Japan and the world is wonderful. 😛


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