About the Girl


*Impressive voiceover*

Her name was Maria. Her goal was getting to Japan. By day she was a Junior in college, majoring in History and English. By night she was a masked vigilante by the name of Lovely*Complex who used her over-active-pheromone powers to control man and woman alike. When she wasn’t doing any of that, she spent her time reading and writing and fangirling about Jdramas, British television, manga, and countless other silly things.

*cue intro music*

Or in a way that isn’t too silly:

imageHi. I’m Maria. I’m a Senior in college and I plan on becoming an History professor–which makes tons and tons and tons of money (which is exactly what everyone tells me when I say that!). I have loved anime and manga since I was really young and have loved reading since before that. I go through stages where all I do is read tons and tons of books and manga and other stages where I can’t watch enough Sherlock or Doctor Who. I am a self proclaimed fangirl who made a tumblr but never uses it and spends most of her free time wishing she wrote more. Because hey, you didn’t actually think I planned on making all my money teaching did you? 😛

Did I mention I am currently living in Japan??

Cause I am.

And it is wonderful.


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