A Dream Comes True (and, Oh hey! Typhoon!)

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day. One of my biggest dreams when I planned a trip to Japan was to end up wearing a Japanese yukata. And by wearing I mean properly wearing a yukata. Yesterday that dream came true. Holy crap.

It was insane! And FUN!

I felt totally beautiful!

Really quick, before I throw a crap ton of photos out at you, here is a little run down of how it went:

First off, a yukata is a summer kimono. It is made of cotton that is much thinner than a kimono so you don’t die of heat stroke in the hot and humid Japanese summer.

Anyway, after class on Monday, two girls in beautiful yukata took us to this big room which lead to a smaller room that had several tatami mats in the middle of it with older women standing around with boxes of obi and strips of fabric around them. To the one side of the room was racks of yukatas that we could pick from. For some reason, my eye was drawn to the one I saw first and even though I flirted with a pretty purple number, I ended up with the peachy one. Next, you strip down (we had to wear a tank top and leggings underneath) and they tied a folded wash cloth and a piece of fabric around my waist. After that, things got super complicated… There was a lot of messing with the yukata and tying things around my waist and at one point a piece of cardboard went on but the obi was tied over it so you couldn’t see it. I originally wanted a purple obi, but the woman gave me an option of orange and gold or red and gold. I picked the red. It felt right.

In the end you got this:



I even got to pick out traditional Japanese sandals. Aaactually— my feet are so big that only these would fit but it was still awesome!

After getting dressed, we filed out of that room, then went to the top floor of the building where a little yukata party was being held. The room was filled with Japanese students in their yukata and eventually all the foreign students joined and it was pretty fun. We took tons of photos! Played some games (one of which I won! Whoa!) and had a raffle!

Anyway: Enough of that! Here are some pictures!


Aren’t we just adorbs? Fyi: Yes, the only Japanese person in the photo is wearing normal cloths.


The girl in the middle in the white and blue is a lovely Japanese girl named Aiyaka!


Sassy sisters!


The family plus cute Hinako-san on the right!






Prize winners!


My obi!


Another prize winner!


Candy looking serious and thoughtful.


Oh wait– Nevermind, back to normal!


All the summer program kids and a few advisors! You can tell who the cool people are. Clue: We are the ones doing the dinosaur face.


We make such a weird family.


But we are so cute!!!


Before I wrap this up, I just want to say, thanks to all who have expressed concern for me as the typhoon makes its way here. Everyone here seems really chill about it. The most warning we‘ve got about anything is “Oh, if the rain gets too bad the doors will be locked so make sure you buy food and stuff ahead of time.” and the odd “Maybe buy some water??” I spoke to a few of the advisors and they all said we’d be fine so I’m not worrying. I did stock up on water and food though so I’m ready!

Until next time!


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