On the Plane/In Atlanta Airport

The first part of this post was written while on the plane flying out of Florida and I tried to get it published before we arose into the air like on the wings of a heavenly angel ascending to the heavens (i.e. Katie has been given the laptop while Maria sorts out the seating issue on the flight from Atlanta to Minnisota), but then Katie got off the phone and she needed Maria’s vast knowledge on the intricacies of temperament and patience. I’ll  (Katie will) take over from here, and you’ll know where I am by the green text.

So! I‘m on the first plane, and I have a question: what the heck happened to airplane pretzels?? They’re way better than those cookies they served. And why do they serve you 3/4ths the way through the flight? You’re just about landed by then and there’s no way you can enjoy the watered-down soda!

Moving along.


Things haven’t gone super smooth. When we got to the airport and tried checking our baggage, we found out that our Atlanta to Tokyo flight is so delayed that we’d miss our Tokyo to Fukuoka flight. Lucky, we’ve got a new flight! Atlanta to Minneapolis then Minneapolis to Tokyo! Only thing is to make sure we have seats next to each other on the flight to Japan.

Shout out to Mr. Bill for answering 9 phone calls this morning about this whole thing. I’m never really worried when I know Mr. Bill is behind a desk working on any problem! I wish I had a fabulous taskmaster to call when my flights went wonky. One time I was flying back home from Maria’s house and a bolt was loose on the plane so the flight was cancled! There was no one, and I mean NO ONE, around to help and they essentially herded us to a corner in the airport and told us to wait for their imaginary “help”. So yeah, Mr. Bill, you a bad b*tch. If that sentence ends awkwardly, it’s probably because Maria removed the ill-advised language I used. Uh-oh, she’s back. I guess that’s it from me!

Any way! Flights getting ready now!!! Woohoo!

Atlanta here we come!

Hey all. I (Maria!) have wrestled the laptop away from the claws of the fearsome Katie monster. 

We are now in Atlanta! The minute we landed I got a text from Mr. Bill saying he’d gotten us seats next each other on the Minneapolis to Narita flight! And we still have our economy comfort! Wooooohoooo!!!

Atlanta is cool. I just went up to the Delta desk to get our seats for this next small flight and our boarding pass for the Tokyo flight. They printed someone else’s name on Katie’s boarding pass. YIKES.

We will be boarding shortly.

I’ll see you all in Minneapolis!


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