So…. I’m leaving tomorrow–When’d that happen?!

Hey interwebs!

This is Maria, popping in to say hey, as she frantically tries to get all her music from her old MacBook to her new one so she actually has stuff to listen to in Japan.


(FYI: tomorrow is in T-minus 36 minutes!!!)

Holy crap, guys! I’m leaving in 8 hours!!!!!!!!! Most of that time will be spent sleeping so it’s really going to fly by!!!! This past week (month!) has been crazy busy but insanely amazing. Last Sunday my best friend drove down from Georgia and we spent a week together doing last minute errands and eating at Jaxson’s Ice Cream parlor and even squeezing in a trip to the movies to see “How to Train Your Dragon 2” which was awesome! photo 2 photo (2) photo (1)photo 1

The fact of the matter is… I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m packed–Finally (though I have been mostly packed for a few weeks now). photo 4 I’ve got my computer pretty much set up! I’m going to miss everyone. My aunt and uncle! My mothers! My coworkers! So many special people. Most especially the special ones that I spent tonight with that made it an amazing last evening in the states. I promised I’d try post something every day. Let’s see how this goes, okay guys? Wish me luck. (For all those interested: My best friend Katie’s blog can be read here.)


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