Tokyo: Planning a 3 day trip

How do you consolidate Tokyo into 3 days?

I’ve only ever read about Tokyo and even I’m having trouble trying to figure that out. It feels almost impossible. It doesn’t help that we don’t even have a full three days.


Just in case anyone missed it, me and my best friend are going to Tokyo for a short trip during our time at Seinan Gakuin University. By short, I mean, super short.

We leave Friday afternoon or evening (we aren’t sure since the schedule is a biiiit unclear from Seinan’s side) and would stay all of Saturday then return on Sunday evening.

So yeah. Short.

The purpose of this trip basically comes down to the fact that we both refused to leave Japan without going to the Studio Ghibli Museum. Yes, you read that right. Going to Tokyo was first and foremost about the Studio Ghibli Museum. If the museum happened to be in Osaka or elsewhere, that is where we would go. Luckily for us, it is in Tokyo so we get to see Tokyo as well!

Granted, we don’t just plan to go the Studio Ghibli Museum. We’d like to do other things (like going to Akihabara and Harajuku and Shibuya and visiting shrines and exploring etc etc) but we are on a super limited budget. Like… a “ramen-noodle-every-night kind of budget” to quote Allstate insurance. That is also a lie. I am a foodie. Katie is a foodie. We will explore Tokyo through its food as much as anything else. This may limit us to bentos and department store restaurants as well as conveyor belt sushi but apparently all that stuff is yummy anyway!

We found a really nice looking hostel in Asakusa and we’ve booked it since things were getting filled up really quickly. We’ve decided that besides the Ghibli Museum, we are going to explore Akihabara and Harajuku. We will be taking the advice of Grace Mineta from her guest post about spending less than $25 a day in Tokyo. Its been super helpful and I would totally recommend looking it up (or clicking here!). It gave us an idea of what we wanted to do and how to keep this all within a sane budget.

I want very little specifically out of Tokyo. I’m going for the experience and besides the Museum there is nothing that I’m like “OMG!! I HAVE TO DO THAT OR ELSE THE WORLD WILL END IN 5 DAYS” which is good. It means our options are super open and this trip is going to be very casual. Lots of walking and exploring. Maybe even checking out a second hand kimono shop and trying one on and feeling like a princess for a little bit.

As a said before, I’m a foodie. A HUGE foodie so food is something I feel is part of the whole experience and if anyone has recommendations on really fantastic restaurants that won’t go breaking any banks, please let me know!


5 thoughts on “Tokyo: Planning a 3 day trip

  1. Good for you. That is a lot to pack in on one weekend. I would take any trip to Japan if I could go, no matter how short. Go for it! (You can just sleep on the plane ride back.)

  2. So I’m jealous that you get to see the studio ghibli museum! You’re insanely lucky 🙂 thanks for getting me hooked on it btw. I’m subjecting Vinny to princess mononoke, spirited away, and the rest (probably not castle in the sky, as you know I’ve managed to fall asleep every time lol)

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