So, what is she doing now?

Now that school is over and I’m done with all my applications and all that good stuff, there is still a TON of things to do!

Mostly working. As much as possible… Because a trip to Tokyo does not pay for itself… SADLY.

I work at a safari company. During school I was part time, but at the moment I’m working full time until I leave in the hopes of getting in as much cash as possible before I leave. It’s a pretty awesome company. If you haven’t guessed, we plan and book safaris to Africa for people. Most of our trips are pretty high end… As in, I couldn’t go on one if I wanted to. Some of them cost as much as my entire 6 month trip to Japan but for two weeks… Per person… Holy cow, right? We also have less expensive trips and our agents personalize almost every trip so it’s a lot of talking with clients and making things perfect. NONE OF WHICH I DO.

I am an “admin assistant” which means basically, I do everything that no one else does. I do all our mailings and filing and updating databases. I also do inventory and even order some stuff we need. I also do anything else anyone tells me to do… I’ve even been known to make some tea for everyone in the afternoon (3 o clock in the afternoon is tea time… We have a lot of British/South Africans who DEMAND their tea at 3!). My mom is one of the senior safari consultants and she is pretty amazing. All our agents are, really.

Anyway, except for the week before I leave and a few days in early June, that is what I’ll be doing.

Other things? Oh, there are plenty.

I still have tons of odds and ends to buy for the trip. I’m pretty much set on clothing (which will get its own post because… Clothing!) but I still need to grab some more toiletries and homestay gifts. I just got my suitcases (my mother picked them out, actually–because she is fabulous) so I’ll start laying stuff out soon and slowly start filling those puppies up. I HATE last minute packing because I always forget something. I’m being so organized about this I can’t stand it. Actually, I feel like my mothers would kill me if I wasn’t.

I have to get my visa organized as well as finishing paying for the trip. So far my Summer trip is covered and my airfare is bought.

I’m hoping one of these days to get an email from school with the results of the scholarship I applied for. It would be amazingly helpful right about now.

I’m also (hopefully) going to get babysitting jobs which would bring in some extra cash! I know a lot of people with small children.


2 thoughts on “So, what is she doing now?

    • Thanks! I’ve got enough money to pay for all my program fees and housing, now I’m just trying to get money for spending and transportation money! I’ll manage it somehow! I’m just so excited that its actually all worked out and that I’m even going! Its still hard to believe!

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