Barreling Ahead + My Thoughts on

So, as my title says, I am barreling along!

I just finished editing my Boren essays and sent the first (and more important one) to my professor who used to be on the Boren panels. I met with him on Monday (he was the one who missed my interview!) to go over everything and he gave me some great advice and some good directions to go in! I had to get him the edited version by tonight since Thursday is Chinese New Year and he said he will be doing nothing during that time. So, phew! I got it done!

I’m also chugging along with my other scholarship. I’ve got the application form done for the most part and have already gotten one of the reference forms back. I have until the fifth to get that puppy in the mail!

In other news, I joined a international penpal site called

I read about it from a blog I follow and decided that I’d give it a try. I’d like a Japanese speaking partner and it wouldn’t hurt to make some Japanese friends, right?

Everything seemed pretty straight forward. I made an account which was quick and easy. I filled out my profile detailing I was learning Japanese and planning a study abroad and wanted to make Japanese friends/looking for Japanese speaking partner and blah blah blah. I felt like things should be relatively simple. I’d go looking for some Japanese peeps. They’d find me. We’d make friends and chat and potentially skype, right?


Before I even finished my profile, I was getting messages form people–None of which were from Japan. In the first hour, I got four messages from guys from India and Morocco that were all pretty much the same “hi how are you” or “hi nice to meet you lets be friends.” Today is day three of me being on Interpals and I have over five pages of messages!! 80% of which are one liners like the above! Every single one of these one liner messages are from guys and from every place but Japan! Thailand! India! Morocco! Turkey! Russia!

That was slightly aggravating. Still, I decided to try looking for some Japanese people myself. Interpals has a great search tool that allows you to search by country, language, age, sex and some other things. I’m mainly looking to make a really good female friend so I looked at mostly girl’s profiles. I found four that looked good so I messaged them along with one guy who looked interesting. Not a single one of the girls messaged me back even though they read my messages (Interpals has a nifty tool that allows you to see if your messages have been read and at what time!). The guy, however, did reply! I was very happy and replied to his message–he has since not replied despite another message I sent him.

So this penpal thing is nine times harder than I thought it would be.

Not all the news is bad though. A Japanese girl (that I did not message first!) messaged me saying she was interested in being language partners/making friends! So far things are going well with her so we’ll see what happens there. A Japanese guy also messaged me but after my initial reply, nothing has happened.

I’m a bit discouraged but it is only day three so I’m sure things will improve!




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