How Quickly Things Change: Boren!Undone

So this past Thursday was my campus interview for my Boren scholarship.

For those of you who don’t know or who might be applying to Boren from a school that doesn’t have a representative: When your school has a rep as mine does, you have a campus deadline for when you submit your application. FAU’s campus deadline was the 7th of January. Once you do that, your campus rep gets to look at your application and everything thing then picks two faculty members to also look over your application (the essays in particular) and then they interview you. The purpose of the interview is for the rep and two faculty members to ask questions and address points in your application/essays that are unclear or weak and give you tips on how to beef it up. At the end of this, your campus representative gives you the ability to access your application again so you may edit your essays based on their feedback.

So yeah. Mine was on Thursday.

One of the faculty members who was supposed to be there didn’t show up. Funnily enough he is one of my professors this term and I had reminded him about the interview on Wednesday. He got his Friday and Thursday confused though. So my interview happened with just my rep and the other faculty member she chose (an English teacher who I have-weirdly enough-never had before). It went well in the sense that I got lots of good advice on how to strengthen my essays. Not so well in the sense that my first essay was a lot weaker than I thought. The good news is now I can make it stronger!

This means though, my Boren application is not done, despite my previous post saying so! Honestly though, it will take me 20 minutes to finish it. I started on Thursday night changing some stuff then had to do a bit of research so now I just need to finish it up then I’ll resend it to my rep so she can look over it again.

The professor who missed my interview emailed me and said he’d still look over all my stuff and we could meet some other time to give me feed back. He also used to go over Boren applications in DC so he is familiar with the scholarship and knows what to look for! He will be a great help!

On another note, whilst I sat at school waiting for my interview, I submitted the online application forms for Seinan Gakuin University’s summer program AND the semester program. So thats all started! I have a HUGE to-do list that will be addressed in another post!

Till then, have a great weekend!


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