Update: Boren!Down, Akita!Started, Seinan!Starting

Jeez, this post has taken forever to get written. By that I mean, most of the stuff in the above title happened two weeks ago (during the first week of the new semester). Why has it taken so long? Well, actually getting some of it done while dealing with school took time then last week I was down and out with the flu. The first part of this week was spent playing catchup since I missed 3 days of class last week.

Any way! Onto the show!

Boren Scholarship

Done and done! Wooooo! I turned it in on the seventh of January sans two of my reference letters (from Professors who don’t check their emails at all over winter break).

It ended up being a little bit more complicated than I anticipated. As mentioned in my previous post, I needed letters of support from Japan. The morning of the 6th (the first day of class AND the day before everything is due) I get an email from Akita International University saying the won’t write me a letter unless I complete and submit their online application and get my school to sign the confirmation portion at the end then scan that into them. I also got an email from Seinan Gakuin University with the letter attached no questions asked. Phew for SGU–Continuing to give me less hoops to jump through!

So on top of trying to finish up and edit my essays and get ready for class/going to class, I had to complete the application and submit it then run to the International Office and pay $170 so they would sign my form then scan it for me. Luckily, it all went smoothly and I got everything to Akita on time so come the morning of the 7th, I had the letter of support sitting  in my inbox waiting to be printed and delivered!

The letters of reference from school faculty also ended up being tricky. My sensei eventually checked her email and got the letter to me the Monday after the application was due (I spoke to my advisor and she okayed turning these in late) which was great. Sadly, the other professor I had asked was still not replying to ANY of my MULTIPLE emails so I quickly spoke to another professor who agreed to do it for me. I collected that letter today and dropped it off to the International Office.

So everything is officially taken care of!

All that is left is my campus interview tomorrow at 3:15pm and then if everything looks good, my school will send in all my documents to the actual Boren office on the 5th of February. At which point I start waiting for April to come round and for the results to come out!

Akita International University

So, as stated above, (despite the fact that application period isn’t until February) I have submitted the online portion of the AIU application. This still leaves all that other stuff like transcripts, recommendation letters, photo ID, and all that jazz to be sent in. That will be happening a shortly and will be elaborated on in a post for another day.

Seinan Gakuin University

As the lovely gentlemen I have been in contact with from Seinan told me when he sent me my letter, I have not submitted the application yet! This has mainly come down to time and other stuff taking precedence. This (hopefully!) will happen tomorrow as I have a huge amount of free time available in between my morning class and my 3:15pm interview. So yeah–Everything needs to be done for this one.


MY BEST FRIEND KATIE!!! and me to her right.

On a GREAT NEWS NOTE: My best friend got the go-ahead from SGU so she can apply to their summer trip! (Background info: SGU’s summer trip requires 1 semester of Japanese study prior to attend this trip. Her school doesn’t have a Japanese program or class so she started online classes in the hopes that this would suffice. It will and she has been approved to apply!) SO YEAH YAY AND HUZZAH TO ME! I am two steps closer to going to Japan with my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to Japan is amazing and I am looking forward to it but having five weeks with my best friend in a place we both love and have spoken about for YEARS? Priceless.


One thought on “Update: Boren!Down, Akita!Started, Seinan!Starting

  1. Thanks for the detail post Maria!. This is a lot of information that i need. Im planning to go to AIU for fall semester as an exchange student. But my required document are not ready; whereas the deadline is on April 1, 2015. I wonder if my application form and my requireed document arrive AIU late, will i be accepted to go study on fall semeter?. Thanks you so much and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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