Getting My Boren Application Done: Things are Going Well!


Its been awhile, hasn’t it?

Mainly because I had finals then my best friend came down for a week and a half (we went and saw the Hobbit in Imax twice!) and then that Christmas thing happened which all had me delightfully busy (well, after finals were over)!

Now I’m elbows deep in my Boren Scholarship application which is due to my University on January 7th! I have to say–This is the most labor intensive application I have EVER done…EVER.

Here is my checklist so far:

1. Online Application

  • Personal Information Section [Done!]
  • Study Abroad Program  Section [Done!]
  • Budget Section [Done!]
  • Two Essays

2. Supplementary Materials

  • Two Mandatory Letters of Reference from School Staff + 1 Optional Additional [Waiting!]
  • Transcript from My University [Received!]
  • Language Self-assessment [Done but needs to be printed!]
  • Optional Language Proficiency Form [Going to be done!]
  • Letter of Support from My School: Must state I will still be considered a student of FAU and they support my study abroad options. [School has been notified they need to do this]
  • Letters of Support from Seinan Gakuin and Akita International: Must state that I am applying and they actually have a study abroad program that will provide support for me whilst I’m in Japan. [I have informed both schools!]

Right now, I just need to finish my two essays and get my reference letters from the two professors I asked. I asked my boss at work to do the third optional letter for me–I work at a travel agency so its sort of relevant and he has known me much longer than either of these professors and knows a very different side of me. Essays are going well but I’m a bit worried that my professors aren’t checking their emails and will only remember the letters like… two days before its due… Which would suck royally. Anyway, I’m not going to be negative about it but I am going to email a different professor just incase one of these two lets it slip. Extras are good.

Besides that, things in general are looking up! The day after my last post bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t go on my school’s summer trip and how I needed to find something else to do to keep me in Japan over 6 months, I got an email from Seinan Gakuin University (the one in Fukuoka where my school’s trip was going to be) that they have a summer trip! Over the exact same dates as my schools trip!! For $2,000 dollars less than what FAU’s trip was going to cost me! Granted, this meant no traveling to Kyoto or Tokyo but that is totally fine! Best of all, their cancellation policy is much more humane than FAU’s. I can cancel before April 21st without any penalty! Which gives me plenty of time to find out the results from Boren! Huzzah!

So yay Seinan!!!

Also, I can now officially apply to Seinan Gakuin for the semester program and will be able to apply to Akita in mid January. I’m mentally considering Kansai Gaidai out of the running. I’m still on the waitlist but the chance of me getting it are slim to none. Because of this, I’ve decided not to complicate things and will not mention KG on my Boren application. In the actual applicaiton you can only list two options and the cost for those to options but I was given permission to mention KG in one of the essays. I’ve decided, if I get Boren and somehow magically get KG, I’m just not gonna go. I’ll do Akita or Seinan. KG’s big apeal was Kyoto and the $5,000 dollars I’d save by going through my school–with the Boren, that $5,000 becomes kind of void (Boren would pay me $5,000 less) and if I don’t get Boren and get into KG–well, still good.

Any way! Last bit of good news? It seems my best friend miiiight be able to go on the four week summer trip with me! Yay! That is still in the works but hopefully, we can call it ‘official’ soon!

I’m off to tackle essays!


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