My Japanese Movie Collection


Since not much is happening over all at the moment (beyond me trying to organize scholarships and what not), I decided to make a post about one of my blossoming passions! My Japanese Movie Collection! I don’t own a lot of anime/haven’t actually watched a lot (I was always more of a manga reader) but recently I’ve become very proactive in buying Japanese movies. So far, my collection is very short and limited. Its only been a few months since I started buying them. Only the top row of the above picture actually even counts, to me, as part of my collection.

Let me take a moment to just clear something up: I have a large Studio Ghibli collection. Quite large. The above isn’t even all of it. I do not count these in this category. I wouldn’t lump them into an ‘anime collection’ either. They are just my “Ghibli” Collection.


This whole thing started this past summer when I started watching a lot of Jdramas after quite a few years of just focusing on Kdramas. Whilst looking through the world of Jdramas, I stumbled upon quite a few movies and watched them. I really enjoyed them. So I bought them. My first few purchases were ‘Linda Linda LInda,’ ‘Lovely Complex’ (which I enjoy but can not deny that it is incredibly silly and the ending is hard to get through because it is so…bad…), and ‘Swing Girls.’ On one of their extras, I saw a commercial for the movie ‘Hula Girls’ so I bought that and loved it! Then it all snow balled from there.

I started buying movies I had never even watched before! ‘The Makioka Sisters’ which I stumbled upon in Barnes and Nobles! ‘Tokyo Sonata’ which I bought because it was three dollars on Amazon. ‘Departures’ because it reminded me of a song I heard by Joe Hisashi (the guy who does all of Miyazaki’s music) then realized he did the soundtrack for it! Yes! I bought a movie because I liked the music composer! Then I found Harakiri and Shinobi which were both bluray and on sale and I had a gift card!!!

*deep breath*

This has all happened rather quickly. Especially since I rarely spend money and am very frugal with myself. Nine movies in a few months?? Really? Its unheard of! On a side note, this Japanes movie collecting thing got me started on just building my general movie collection and I have, several times in the past few weeks(!), bought over five films in one go.



Beyond the last two, Hara-kiri and Shinobi, I have watched all of my Japanese films and for the most part really enjoyed them! I don’t ‘love’ The Makioka Sister (it was long and it took me awhile to get used to the tone and the way it was shot) but I did enjoy it! ‘Lovely Complex’ I watched years ago and enjoyed it but upon rewatching it found it a bit harder to get through. The only one that I actually really struggled to get through was ‘Tokyo Sonata’ because that movie is just… Maybe I don’t understand it? It was a ‘quiet’ film despite a lot of odd things that happened and I think as a foreign viewer I’m just missing some crucial cultural understanding to fully understand it. It was also kind of depressing.

I have a few on my “To Buy List” which are:

  • ‘Paradise Kiss’ which I’ve seen and enjoyed,
  • ‘Shall We Dance’ which I haven’t seen.
  • ‘Usagi Drop’ the movie version

I love movies and I’m really enjoying these Japanese films! If anyone has recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Oh! Happy Halloween, everyone!! Hope it is filled with candy and spooky things!

At work. Yeah, my office is like that.



2 thoughts on “My Japanese Movie Collection

    • Oh! Well, I never claimed it was a complete collection! Just a growing one! I have seen a few of Kurosawa films and will invest in them during a time when I’m not saving all my pennies for my study abroad trip!

      There are so many fantastic Japanese films! I haven’t even scratched the surface!

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