Update: The Road Block Part 2 – Silver Linnings


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, things weren’t looking to good as far as me getting to Japan in August 2014 so I’d started looking elsewhere and collecting some info about scholarships and what not.

Today, all that information got put to good use! I emailed my international studies department last night to let them know I had gathered some out of school programs and scholarships that I wanted to go over with them sometime. The woman I’ve been going back and forth with, Tania, responded this morning and was like “Come in like… an hour!”

Which was great. I’ve been so worried about this whole thing so the departments prompt replies and cooperation was very reassuring. Especially since this was to go over 3rd party options! As in–No money to my school!

Any way, the meeting was really helpful.

Tania informed me that I was fourth on the waitlist to get into Kansai Gaidai but she thinks the one guy above me is going to get knocked off the list. If this happens, people 1 and 2 above me will be getting in soon so it just leaves me and this girl who wants to go in Spring 2015 to fight over it. The issue is, Spring 2015-girl is ahead of me! And since we are traveling in the same school year, it doesn’t matter that I’d be going first!

The issue is that they are only allowed to send how ever many people as they send here. If they send 4, we send four. At the moment, my school is waiting for an update from Kansai Gaidai on how many more they will be sending. She anticipates 2. She’d need 3 to get me in. She said she miiiight be able to bend the rules a little bit if we get 2 and use me in anticipation of one of next years spots since I’m so set on going an what not. She said 1 is impossible.

There is also the chance that my school will be making a new partnership with Sophia University in Tokyo–which will open up more spots and opportunities and what not.

We should know shortly whether we get enough spots or if Sophia University will come through.

In the mean time I wait!

And by wait, I mean work up back up plans incase the above options don’t work out.

I showed her the other programs I’m looking at and she green lit four of the six–she’d never heard of the other two! We also went over potential scholarships and if I can just get myself on a program, it looks like I have a pretty good chance at getting myself some money.

But yeah–need to get on a program.

So… What is the silverlinning amongst all this sort of non-definitive information?

My Japanese 1 sensei is organizing a trip through the department for Summer 2014 to Fukuoka, Japan for 31 days of intensive Japanese learning and trips and what not! She is also taking three days of her own time to accompany students to Tokyo as a guide!

Can I tell you how amazing that is? I would definitely add this to the front end of my trip! One of the universities I was looking at was in Fukuoka and–even if I end up somewhere else, it would be great to have the first four weeks of my trip to be with my Sensei and some kids I go to school with to help with the initial culture shock–I’ll be a Maria in a new world with a guide and some friends before I’m Maria in a new world all on her own. Plus! I really wanted to go to Tokyo but was kind of nervous about traversing it on my own. This is kind of perfect for me! Like… seriously perfect!

This is an awesome opportunity and beyond some slight scheduling issues (such as–the program is late June to early August so what do I do from early August to late August? I can’t go back home… what a waste of air fare! Seriously!) it looks really good. What’s even better? They want to keep it pretty inexpensive so the price is going to be super reasonable! Huzzah!

So yeah. Silver Lining. I’m excited.

Here’s to hoping the Fall semester follows this wonderfulness.



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