Update: A Road Block in the Path

Friday  while at work, I got an email from the study abroad department at my school. The email informed me that the second university that I was on a wait list for (Tokushima) had pulled out of its partnership with my school–which meant my chances of going in Fall 2014 just got a lot slimmer for a number of reasons.

Number 1: Tokushima had a shorter wait list and, even though it was not my first choice, I had a better shot.

Number 2: Now all the people who were on just the Tokushima wait list are going to rush onto the Kansai Gaidai wait list. That shouldn’t affect me too much–unless its merit based as far as who gets picked when a spot opens up. Even then though… I might be okay. My GPA is a 3.86 and I’m a pretty decent student.

Regardless though, my chances on going when I want just got reduced by… like 50%. I have now decided a program outside of my university might just be a better choice. I spoke to the department and they said they’d still take care of everything for me and help me get money and scholarships.

A few that I’ve been looking at look really good! There is one in Osaka that looks fantastic at the Osaka Gakuin University and is done through CET.  Another in Nagoya at the Nanzan University through IES. Anooother through CIEE at the Sophia University in Tokyo. These options look great but–Jeez! Expensive a bit! I’ve spent the weekend looking at these programs so I can put together a list to go discuss with my department. I’ve got 6 programs I’m looking at that are in price range from about $13,200 as the least expensive to $21,850 at the top.

To counter balance the kind of spike in price I’m looking at 8 scholarships including the Boren Scholarship, Fund for Education Abroad, AATJ Bridging Scholarship and others.

So yeah. Gotta make this happen one way or another. If anything this gives me a lot more choices than I had previously in respects to area and what I can do and gives me a better chance at going when I want to. Price is a pretty big issue though so I better make my decision fast and start getting some scholarships! Hope it all works. We’ll see, won’t we?


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