Two Adorable Things from Japan

Since note much is happening on the Study Abroad front for the moment, I thought I’d share some bits and pieces of things from Japan/About Japan that I love/enjoy/am learning about. Here is one thing or should I say, two adorable things?

What are they?

Why! Two adorable Japanese girls whose parents take videos of them baking, dealing with make-it-yourself-candy, new toys, and countless other adorable actions that could just make an ice ogres heart so full of love that he dies from over heating.


I discovered Kanna and Akira while looking through some posts of Tofugu. These girls and the above video were part of this post about chocolate.

I kind of fell in love with them (so did my brother! Who is 15 and cares only for Skyrim, GTO5, and… a few other games where things get blown up/stabbed/killed) and spent an evening looking up tons of their videos. They are huge doses of the warm and fuzzies and just make any day better.

Don’t believe me?

Watch more!

I mean! Really! How cute are they?!! Still not convinced?

Well too bad. Here is another video anyway.

So yeah. Go out and enjoy these two cuties and at the same time see all of the neat do-it-your-self-kits that they have in Japan! Its double goodness!


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