Moteki – Episodes 1-4 Recap

Intro Notes:

Last night, after mentioning Lee Seung Gi in my post, I started looking him up and somehow ended up five seconds away from starting a Kdrama for the first time in a few months–something which I have been avoiding for a few reasons.

1. Once I start one Kdrama I get addicted and have to watch like… 10 before I get aggravated with them and go off them for a few months.

2. If I’m going to get addicted to drama/start watching one–it needs to be a Jdrama. You know… Since I want to go to Japan.

Which lead me to Tofugu’s post of “John’s Top 10 Japanese Dramas” which I had stumbled upon in the past and filed away to use when I decided to start a new drama. I figured I’d go in order but Moteki jumped out at me over the first choice. It looked interesting–I mean, come on! Look at the glitter.

I was a little apprehensive. It looked like a harem story. I’ve only read two (one was a reverse harem by the name of ‘La Corda de Oro’ or somethin’ and the other being Ichigo 100%) and I didn’t love either of them. I can honestly say I nearly loathe Ichigo 100%. Why? Well… Too many choices/I don’t do things when a person is in love with over 2 people at once and can’t decide. I generally dislike love triangles never mind love hexagons! I mainly finished the whole thing to see who the main character would end up with and was infuriated with the ending because he ended up with someone other than the girl I was rooting for.

So yeah…  A little apprehensive going into this. There are four adorable girls bouncing around in the intro who will obviously all be love interests to certain degrees and at certain points and I don’t want to fall in love with one or all of them only to have my and their hearts broken in the end.  I’m hoping this will be fairly comedic though. So far it has been but since I’ve only watched up to episode 4 it could go either way.

Here is to hoping!

Last note: I’ve never recapped before but since I couldn’t find any for this show (sometimes, I like to know what is going to happen before I get invested) I figured I’d try it out. So its a first. Woo.

The Meat:

So! Episode 1 starts with this sad excuse for a human being by the name of Yukiyo Fujimoto sitting alone in his little apartment eating instant ramen and feeling bad for himself. Suddenly, his cell phone and house phone go off like crazy and he is being bombarded with calls and interest from females! What is this strange thing?

Why his Moteki, of course! Which, if like me you didn’t initially know, means ‘the point in a persons life when they are popular to the opposite sex.’ I have to admit the set up for this sounded hysterical. That is what hooked me when looking through John’s top ten and even though I was a little fearful of the potential for a ‘harem’ plot, I just had to start watching it. So far its been worth it. Each episode so far has focused on a specific experience he has had with one of these girls in the past then something that happens in the future. At the end of episode four we’ve met three of the four girls that jump around in the intro bit:

Doi Aki

Nakashiba Itsuka

Komiyama Natsuki

Start Recap/

The first episode focused on Doi-san who worked at a place he used to temp at a year ago. He was never into her at work but after bonding over a band they both mutually love, she invites him out with her friends to see a concert. They have a lovely day and he just about jizzed in his pants when she held his hand (which excites him so much he imagines going back in time to tell his 13 year old self about the experience! So funny! His time machine is cardboard! He jumped out of the drawer!) but the romance is crushed before it begins when she sees her boyfriend (who she only got into a fight with a few hours before if the subtitles I watched are to be believed)! Because he is a coward and has no idea how to interact with people, Fuji runs off.

Back in the present, she calls (after a year of not speaking to him!) and asks him out to see a DJ. He goes and tries to be a man by facing his crowd fears and taking her to the front of the dancing group of people to be up close and personal with the DJ. Cue awesome shots of him dragging her through the crowd and her smiling before he slips on a broken glass and falls ONTO the turn table and starts bleeding profusely out of his head. When she gets him into a cab and they prepare to part, he ends the whole thing with a “Invite me again.” Which I was kind of proud of him for. I would be mortified and don’t think I could see someone again after that but he was still trying.

Doi-san on the other hand is not impressed as she walks away to pull out a cigarette (LOOK OUT! Cigarettes in Dramaland = universal sign for ‘I’m a bad bitch’! ‘Cause nothin’ says ‘I’m bad’ better than tobacco!) and complains about how passive he is. He should invite her out! she complains before letting us viewers know that her boyfriend broke up with her at the festival because he thought she was cheating on him with Fuji. Instantly I was like… “Whoa… is this a revenge plot? Thats mean, girl. Plain mean” but before I could finish that thought she dissolved into a puddle of “I’ll make him say he loves me!” complete with emotional pouty lips. –So you do like him? I don’t know.

Episode 2

And before we get to figure it out its episode two and we are meeting Bachelorette number 2: Nakashiba Itsuka! She’s a cute, tomboyish girl whom Fuji has been friend with for two years after their initial bumpy meeting where they met at a mutual friends party who let out that Itsuka was a virgin (at 20–because GOD forbid you stay a virgin!). Our drunk Fuji gets all “Lets do it! Together! Right now! Lets loose our virginity’s!” which freaks the poor girl out who screams (in front of everyone) that it is physiologically impossible for her to do it with him. Ouch. But! On the bright side, they have a ton in common and become fast friends.

Back in the future, she calls him to invite him to go on a day trip with her to this town where this show she loved was filmed. She is a photographer and spends her time fangirling about stuff that happened in the places they visit and taking lots of pictures. During one photo taking session, she asks dear Fuji to take her picture. He does and notices that she is actually super cute! Huh! What were the odds of that! Then, while off thinking about his own things, Itsuka realizes he just isn’t as excited about all this like she is and the mood is ruined. Then, while trying to make amends at the train station, the pair is informed that there are no more trains for the day!

They manage to get a nice room at an Onsen for the evening and after clarifying that he doesn’t see her as a girl (liar!) she changes into her yukata then helps him with the belt of his. Cue extremely awkward scene where she is on her knees before him with her head like two inches from his groin. He gets the same image you do and has a little *ehem* problem which he fixes by thinking of something not hot. Everything seems to be saved but we find out later that she did notice!  Ew. She then discovers there is a bus that will take them home but instead of mentioning it, gets into bed and when Fuji asks if they are really going to sleep in separate beds, she opens up her covers and invites him in.

He spazzes because he has no idea what he is going to do. She’s a virgin. He has no idea what to do and if she doesn’t… what the heck is going to happen?! So he flies back in time in his cardboard time machine to his overweight 25 year old self and berates the poor guy for hating the world and only blogging instead of gathering some experience which could be useful later. He then jumps back into the time machine and ends up back beside Itsuka-chan’s bed. She coaxes him gently, telling he can take it slow but just as the passion starts happening, she throws out the question I thought I knew the answer to.

“Are you actually a virgin?”

Surprise! He isn’t! There was one experience with some woman who he didn’t love who didn’t love him and well… Thats it for the romance. Itsuka gets pissed. She was trying to make this nice for his first time! Well, time to go now. On the bus she later confesses that she isn’t a virgin anymore either. She ‘threw it away’ like he did and says perhaps it would have been better to give it to him. The remainder of the bus ride is spent in contemplative silence for both parties.


Episode 3!

This is it guys! Here we meet the love of Fuji’s life! The girl he loved more than the others! Komiyama Natsuki!

The episode starts with him thinking about her when his 13 year old self jumps out of one of his drawers and harasses him about how he lost his virginity to. Is it the fabulous girl he loved more than anyone else? No… she was involved but it wasn’t really… The two of them hop in the time machine to see what all went down.

Cute and beautiful he meets Natsuki when he is 25 (and still chubby) and feeling bad for himself. To relieve his stress he decided it was a good idea to ride his bike down a big hill really fast. He nearly crashes into a girl but avoids it by face planting in a pile of garbage. Enter the heavenly face of Natsuki to ask if he is okay. Which he is(n’t)! They end up off the the doctor to see if his knee/leg his hurt (she, adorably, lugs his chubby self on the bicycle!). But he ends up being fine and all is well. She is ready to run off but he doesn’t want to let this beautiful girl go so throws out the name of his blog so she can read it.

A little while later, he gets a message from her asking to hang out. They have a lovely evening and just as things are going well, Chubby-Fuji makes it awkward by asking if she’d ever consider going out with him. Short answer? No. Long answer? She was engaged to someone. She screwed it up and now they aren’t engaged anymore and she doesn’t want to date anyone. Poor Chubby-Fuji. (Please note! All this is being watched by Present-Fuji and 13-Fuji–who is delighted at everything and can’t wait to see them finally go at it! Hysterical people… Hysterical!) As if things couldn’t get anymore awkward he asks her for a hug goodbye which she gives him while he sobs hysterically into her shoulder that he loves her (she, like myself, points out that they’ve only met twice!) but he is like “It doesn’t matter! I love you!” and swears to loose a ton of weight to become more appropriate for her. When he does, they’ll go on a date? Promise? Yes.

Cue weight loosing sequence. Which was funny! Very funny! When he finally reaches his weight goal we see Present-Fuji taking part in the flash back while Chubby-Fuji and 13 watch on the sidelines. He texts her and she is all like “Good for you! Lets meet up! I’ll bring my sister, you bring a friend!” Which isn’t the date he was looking for but it ends up being fun until Natsuki drinks to much and (unbeknownst to him at the time) has sex with his friend in the bathroom stall (double ew?).The mood for the evening is sort of ruined because she ends up passing out in the toilet and her sister has to take her home.

But! Its not over yet! Present-Fuji is determined to get his date! She says yes and he is so happy he has a dance sequence with random strangers before changing into date clothing (in the dance sequence, mind you) and meeting up with her.

They go to a resturant and she decides she needs to drink! Beer! Sake! Lets go!–Except Fuji is too nice of a guy and is like “But what if you pass out again?” She deflates and is all like “Yeah… You’re right.” Sensing the mood just took a nose dive, Fuji is like “Well… Never mind. If you do, we can always go back to my place.” Natsuki perks right up and is like, why not just go now? Wow… That was quick… Off they go until she is distracted by a love hotel Chubby and 13 are practically singing in the background (pretty sure 13 was waving a flag at one point) and the flashback ends with her dragging him inside.

Present day, she invites him out to a bar and he rushes to meet her.

Episode 4!

Almost done! Yeah! We pick up right where episode 3 left off. Fuji rushes up to the bar where Natsuki waits looking cute and stylish and (as he points out) very sexy in her low back top. She starts asking him questions about his life (because she still reads his blog) and he is all like–‘yeah… My Moteki is sort of happening. NBD, you know?” and she throws an arm around him and asks him what his idea girl is. Feeling bitter, he brushes her hand away before asking her why, if she dumped him way back when, she cares at all about his love life. Good point, Fuji-kun! She starts going into it a bit but he is too busy reliving that terrible night.

Back to the flashback!

Natsuki is dragging him inside but he is freaking out. He is a virgin! He has no idea what to do! A love hotel? Really?! He turns to his younger virgin-selves for support but they are like “Don’t worry! she’s probably done it loads of times! Just go and enjoy!” but he just can’t.

At the last moment before they step inside, he stops her and says that his place is really just around the corner. She smiles her adorable smile and is like “Sure. Okay.”

As they enter his messy apartment, I was like, “Really Fuji? This places is a mess… Should have stuck with the hotel.” But she thinks it is fun, what with all its manga and posters and dvds! Oh yeah! Thats how you set the mood! Nothing says lets have sex than “Oh wow! I loved that show!” She confesses she is feeling pretty drunk and lies down on his bed to rest for a bit. Sitting out side his sliding glass door are his younger selves pushing him to take her! Right now! He goes in for it but–takes a picture instead.

The other two burst in and everyone argues (which gets fast forwarded) until he is like “Fine! Okay! Imma do it!” He kicks the other two out and closes the curtain partially before he gets back down for a kiss buuuut… Gets distracted by her key chain which has her ENGAGEMENT RING ON IT.  Jeez. He is immediately put off which 13 year old him can’t understand but Chubby looks on knowingly before dragging 13 away with him.

Later, he is asleep at his desk and she wakes up and tells him she is ready to go. He insists on walking her till she gets a cab and lets her borrow a dvd. As they walk, she confesses that she just doesn’t see him as a guy–but don’t worry, somewhere in the world is a girl who will love him!

She runs off into a cab and he falls into a state of depression until he is invited out one evening by the friend who previously slept with Natsuki the first night (For the life of me I don’t remember his name except he is also the same guy who blurted out that Itsuka was a virgin). Natsuki’s sister is there when Fuji arrives and hands him the dvd he let her borrow. They start drinking and having fun until friend-whom-i-don’t-remember asks if Natsuki always gets so crazy when she drinks. Sister is all like “Whoa! So you did it with her!” Friend is all like “No. No no no no no!” directed at Fuji. But its too late. Fuji is putting two and two together and realizes she will sleep with anyone (including him!) when she is drunk.

That just makes everything worse and he drowns his sorrows in tons and tons of alchohol while he thinks about the fact that if she would do it with anyone, he should of at least touched her breasts Cue Natsuki’s sister popping up in the frame next to him (she is actually trying to help him) but all we see and, conversely, he sees is her boobs. His hand lunges out and grabs and next thing we know they are making out then at the love hotel he refused to go to with Natsuki. That is how he looses his virginity.

Afterwards, he gets all angsty to Sister who is like “Dude… I did that mostly for you so don’t give me your emotional shit!” but, because she actually is kind of cool she tells him “Loosing your virginity like that doesn’t count so lets both pretend it didn’t happen. I won’t tell Natsuki.” She smiles then walks off into the sunrise (frankly, he could have done a lot worse. She wasn’t sexy or Natsuki or anything but, I liked her character in the end!).

He confronts his virgin-selves (Chubby and 13) who make a pretty neat tabelau against him as he walks away. He confesses that he is just screwed and that they should never see each other again. He’ll leave them alone. They need to leave him alone.

Baaaaack to the future!

At the bar Natsuki chatters away about why it didn’t work out and he decides that he is not getting anything out of this so he is going to bounce. He starts to leave and Natsuki chases him out to the spiral staircase where he breaks down. “I loved you! I wanted you to love me back. Is that so bad” yada yada ending with “I still love you!” She smiles and is like “Thats what I wanted to hear!” Aaand they make out. Pretty heavily on the stairs.

/End Recap

Well… I don’t know about you but that was a little bit of a roller coaster, ne?

Backing up really quickly, this show is hysterical and I’m enjoying it but there were a few moments when I was close to throwing the towel in and giving up.


Not because I don’t enjoy it–As I said, I do! The characters are zany, the situations are zanier and I’m digging the plot so far. What was it then?

The issue is, you see, I do terrible with embarassing situations. And by that I mean–I get embarassed for the characters. I couldn’t finish Super Bad! I’m not even joking! When I see something is about to go down or that the character is about to make a fool of him/herself I imediately start spazzing and have to pause what ever I’m watching to roll around and yell abit about why the character should totally not do that. Sometimes, the only way I can get through it is to partially cover my eyes (no idea what that achieves but it helps, strangely).

This show is filled with those kind of moments. Episode 1 and 2 more so, so far. Episode 1 was a bit bad but nothing I couldn’t finish. Episode 2 on the other hand… I was so close to not finishing it. When he got a boner while Itsuka was tying his belt I was like “Nope! Nope! I can’t do this! This dude is an idiot!” and then when he was going to get into the bed with her… It took everything I had to get through it! I was not made to handle this kind of stuff. *sighs* Any way, I got through it and by the time I was halfway through episode 3 I was kind of into it and either those moments weren’t as bad or I got used to it.

I’d also like to take a moment to point out that this is the first drama I’ve watched like this. I’ve watched a lot of dramas (J and K and some Taiwanese) but most of them have been directed towards girls (if they were manga I’d call them ‘shoujo’ or ‘josei’) with a female main character who is ‘the girl’ of the show. This is very much ‘Seinen’ which is new. Also, my experience with ‘harem’ stories is also very limited as stated previously. This show is also sort of ecchi. Not in an over the top way… But.. well… it is. Sort of. Also, where most of the shows I’ve seen have been focused mainly on the emotional aspect (especially verbally and in thoughts) with sexual tension coming through only in body language, in this… Fuji’s voice overs are almost always focused on sexual things (except, episode 4 where things were getting a little bit more emotional for him since he does (did?) love Natsuki) but I mean… Yeah. Not used to it.

But! But but but! I really am enjoying it. Its kind of refreshing and every time he travels back in time or interacts with his younger-selves! I die laughing!

And, I’m involved (emotionally? Maybe?) at this point. I want to know how its going to work out for our awkward and nerdy and sort of sad Fuji-kun. I’m rooting for the boy and all that. So far though, I’m not in love with ANY of the girls. Doi-san was okay. She sort of confused me with her “its your fault! You passive looser!” then “Say you love me!” thing. Itsuka was cute and she miiiight be my favorite so far but we really didn’t see a lot of her and I’m not sure what the whole motivation was to jump into bed (or have someone jump into her bed) with Fuji. Natsuki? I liked her until the whole drinking issue. She is the most gorgeous out of the three so far but that doesn’t mean much. I just can’t figure out what her motives are. So yeah. Off to do HW then watch more Moteki! I’ll probably post another recap of episodes 5-8 or maybe individual recaps for the episodes? We’ll see.


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