This is what is known as a ‘Stand Still’

Or, on other words, this is what happens when you are on a wait list:

I am waiting.

Waiting to hear from the study abroad department.

I mentioned in my first post the wait list for the programs I’ve been looking at and how it was a pretty long list. I was informed by department that there is a huge amount of interest in Japan and South Korea. That shouldn’t have surprised me at the time but it did.

For some reason, in my mind of minds, I was under the impression that Europe would be the hot selling item as far as programs went. France! Italy! Germany! Greece! All the places my mothers want me to go instead of Japan! Nope. Not the case. I’m sure they still get the fair share of interest, though. Most of the pictures on the website/brochures are European in nature–probably because we have a lot less asian programs compared to European but, hey.

The lovely thing was, the woman I was emailing back and forth with was like “Well… We have a Thailand program coming up. We could put you on that.”

Which was sweet but Japan does not equal Thailand. Hell! Thats a totally different language/food/culture! One that, truth be told, I know very little about. I have nothing against Thailand but going to Japan has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a youngin’.

Also, in retrospect, I can understand the huge interest in Japan–Anime! Manga! Live Actions! Jpop!–but I was genuinely surprised by the fact that there was so much interest in South Korea. Don’t get me wrong. I listen to Kpop and have watched my (very ample) fair share of Kdramas and am a Lee Seung Gi fangirl to the ‘enth degree–but I don’t really ever come across a lot of people who share my Kdrama/pop obsession (in real life anyway). Where have these people been hiding??


How can you not be obsessed with this face?


So yeah. Wait list. Long wait list filled with people just like me who want to get to Japan. I have (due to the well placed and very helpful comments of jbrieo who has a wonderful study abroad blog called SPELLMANGIRLABROAD and is currently in Japan! Go check it out!) been looking at some options/programs out of my school in the hopes of finding something with better availability. The only issue with that is through my school is cheaper and my scholarships through the state and my university would go towards the study abroad cost. Its also a lot less work since most of everything is taken care of by my school. Still though, I’m looking at them and at different scholarship sources! We’ll see.

In the mean time though…

I’m waiting.


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