Supernatural Aid (or as close as I’ll get)

In the Monomyth, also called the “Hero’s Journey,” there are a few classic steps and features.

First, you gotta have a hero. (In my case, a ‘heroine.’) CHECK

Then, you’ve got to have the ‘Call to Adventure.’ (I stumbled upon a Japanese culture Blog called Tofugu and it inspired in me the ‘Call to Adventure.’ To say it in a different way, after years of tossing around the idea of going to Japan like an impossible dream, I realized, it didn’t have to be so impossible.) CHECK

Then there usually comes the ‘Refusal of the Call,’ where the hero kind of decides that adventure isn’t really his/her scene and staying home looks good. (For me, this started after I told my mothers I wanted to go and they where less than pleased with the idea–never mind the place! Japan is very far and very foreign to them.) CHECK-ish since it is more my mothers’ refusal than my own.

Then comes ‘Supernatural Aid.’

Thats the one you’d assume would be the most impossible to accomplish in any sort of literal way. I don’t know about you guys, but I know no wise wizards or taking goat men or anything of the sort to come to my aid. The most I would normally assume I’d ever get is a great guidance counselor at school or a teacher or a fantastic scholarship. But no… I received ‘Aid’ that could only be called ‘Supernatural.’ And it came in the form of fortune cookies.

A few days after I broke it to my parent’s that this was my brilliant idea–Study Abroad to Japan!–we went out to eat with my Aunt and Uncle to PF Changs. I mentioned to them my idea and while they weren’t thrilled, they told me I needed to make my own decisions–but, perhaps, Australia would be a nicer option? The conversation moved on and briefly returned with the delivering of our fortune cookies. We picked out of the pile and I opened mine and find this:

photo (7)

I was dumfounded and when I showed it to the rest of the table, my Uncle smiled at me and said “Well, there you go. Don’t forget it, Maria.” And I didn’t. In fact, I slipped this little beauty into my wallet infront of my driver’s license so I would never forget it.

Thats were it should have ended. It was wacky coincidence and it came at just the right moment but it was nothing more. Right?

This was a few months ago.

Recently though, I hit a bump in the road with my dream of studying abroad in Japan. I was informed by my school that (as previously mentioned in my first post) the wait list for the two programs I was looking at was much longer than I expected and put my back by an entire semester (possibly two) from when I wanted to go! I was more than a little upset with the state of affairs and ended up rushing an application to get on the wait list.

A few nights later, after hearing nothing from the study abroad department of my school, my family discussed my options outside of school (which did not look good) over some order-in-Chinese food. I said something along the lines of “I just wish I could go to Kansai Gaidai–sooner rather than later” at some point. Then we moved on and fortune cookies were handed out. I opened mine and found:

photo (6)

Once again, a strange coincidence but it made me happy none the less and, if it did/meant nothing else, it restored hope in me. Even if I don’t go to Japan as soon as I’d like, I am going. I will go. I just have to hang in there and make it happen.

That was my Supernatural Aid. Was it actually supernatural aid or just bizarre timing and luck? Who knows! Who cares! I don’t. The first one sits in my wallet and reminds me to trust my self and my decisions and my wants. The second one sits next to the first in my wallet and keeps me working–it says my ‘dearest dream’ is coming true and I am working hard to make it so.

So, ‘Supernatural Aid’? CHECK!

photo (5)


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