Introducing the Girl


Part of the problem with introductions is that in general they always tend to suck. You can start with “Hello! My name is _____. I’m a ______ in college and I am majoring in _______ and _______! My hobbies are _______ and _______ and ________” and go from there but that is all rather boring and kind of silly sounding (Funnily enough, that is exactly what we spent this past Wednesday learning how to say in my Japanese class).

Or you can be witty and introduce yourself in third person “Her name was _______. Her goal was getting to Japan. By day she was a ________ in college, majoring in _________ and ________. By night she was a masked vigilante by the name of ___________ who used her __________ powers to  __________. When she wasn’t doing any of that she spent her time ________ and _________ and _________” but that can often sound a little pretentious or just plain silly.

Since I risk being silly either way, we’ll go with option two then call it a day. Sound good? Good.

*Impressive voiceover*

Her name was Maria. Her goal was getting to Japan. By day she was a Junior in college, majoring in History and English. By night she was a masked vigilante by the name of Lovely*Complex who used her over-active-pheromone powers to control man and woman alike. When she wasn’t doing any of that, she spent her time reading and writing and fangirling about Jdramas, British television, manga, and countless other silly things.

*cue intro music*

The above is all pretty accurate. Except for the masked vigilante bit. If there is anything super about me… it is defiently not overactive pheromones. More like “She talks faster than a speeding bullet and louder than a jet plane!”

So thats me. Or as much as you need to know for now. I was supposed to make an “About the Girl” page and a few others today but I worked most of the day then came home and watched two Japanese movies with my sister. Which was wonderful.

I was also planning on studying Japanese a bit today but I’ll say that it counts that while watching these two movies I was able to recognize a bunch of the vocab I’ve been learning up to this point.  We’ll pretend, anyway.

I suppose, that deserves to be mentioned. I have currently been studying Japanese on my own since about the beginning of June and started a Japanese course this past week in school. I’ll make a post about what I’ve been using on my own and also about how my class is. When I was researching how to go about learning and what not, I wanted feedback about resources so now its my turn to give feed back.

Any way.

We’ll call this a day/night.

PS: My vigilante name came from the above pictured movie/anime/manga–all of which I have read and watched. The super power came from my AP psychology class when we had to create a super hero/villain whose power had to pertain to what we had learned in class. My best friend and I created Lovely*Complex. She was actually an evil villain who used her power to get people to do what she wanted. Even drew a picture of her. Not sure where it disappeared to. So yeah. Fun fact of the day.


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