First Day of the Journey


I’ve wanted to go to Japan since I first picked up a manga (I LIE. It was a Manwha but I didn’t know any better at the time.) in Barnes and Noble at the age of ten. It started an obsession that left me with too many mangas in my room and a dream to get to Japan.

Today, as a Junior in college, I submitted an application to study abroad in Japan.

Technically this is my first step towards getting to Japan but it isn’t nearly as concrete as I would like it. Why? Well, there is a wait list. A long wait list. 

This summer I decided that I wanted to go to Japan Fall 2014 for a semester. My school had two programs to choose from. Kansai Gaidai University or the University of Tokushima. I researched both and decided Kansai Gaidai was almost exactly what I wanted.


School started this past Monday and I emailed our foreign exchange department only to be informed that the earliest I can get in is probably Spring 2015 which is only the semester after Fall 2014 but it is also the 2nd semester before I graduate which I’m not to keen on. Same goes for Tokushima.

Due to this, the application I submitted today isn’t actually the first step getting the ball rolling. It was just to get myself ON the ball–aka on the wait list. Tada.

Besides that sad fact, it was pretty wonderful to get it all done. Made it all feel a little bit more real. I had always planned on making a blog for this whole process and today seemed like a good day to do it. First step and everything.

Tomorrow I’ll actually introduce myself and all that. Till then, またね!


6 thoughts on “First Day of the Journey

    • My school does allow for us to use outside programs. The application process is a little different but the thing about using the programs/foreign universities that my school has a partnership with is that my tuition is the same as my current tuition and the scholarships I get through my state government and my university will apply for the study abroad.

      I will definitely check out these programs though! Thanks!

    • Wah! I just checked out the prices for some of hte programs offered by CIEE and IES and the prices are significantly higher than what I get through my university (mainly because instead of paying $14,000 for tuition, I’m paying $4,000!). Its a good second option though!

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  2. Yes check out CIEE and IES. They have scholarships and there are outside scholarships such as Gilman (pell grant needed), Boren, College Language Association, Fund for Education Abroad that can all reduce or eliminate the cost

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